Junior Choir

We offer Choir Practice for Years 4 and above.

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The Classic FM and presenter of the game show “Pointless” – Alexander Armstrong – has spoken about the importance of church and cathedral choirs.

“My background in choral music has meant everything to me. It’s a fantastic grounding in music but it’s a discipline as well. I think you learn gravitas as a chorister, there’s a great dignity to it.

It brings you into contact with a colossal range of literature, it;s very good for your maths, it’s a grounding in performance.

It’s everything that the Brit Academy is trying to do – but times 100

Any child who has been a chorister is destined to have an interesting and fulfilling life

Alexander Armstrong – speaking ahead of a concert at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Alexander, who is now a baritone, attended Durham School and Trinity College, Cambridge on choral scholarships.