House Groups, Prayers and Meditation

Christian Meditation

A Christian Meditation at St Thomas the Apostle, Groombridge. We are affiliated to the World Community of Christian Meditation.

If you would like to try meditation here is a short introduction to Christian Meditation we offer at St Thomas’ Church Click Here

Groombridge Christian Meditation group meet every Monday at 7.30pm in St Thomas’ Church

These sessions will be an ideal way to dip your toe into meditation as we will be revisiting the core practice and background to meditating in the Christian tradition.    If you are new to meditation and would like to come along and give it a try, we are a friendly, inclusive and welcoming group affiliated to the World Community of Christian Meditation.   Meditation is an ancient practice at the heart of many of the world’s great religions and has been part of Christianity since the time of Christ. It can best be described as a practice of relaxed alertness or the coming to stillness of mind and body.  Our meetings are open to anyone. 

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or contact Jane Garland 07977 221526 or If you would like to join us due to restrictions of social distancing please contact Jane to book your place.

House Groups

There are four groups that meet regularly once every month in various houses. One group has six members, one has eight and the third also has six. The groups meet either fortnightly or monthly. Two meet on Mondays and one on a Wednesday. The meetings are very informal and generally last for about an hour.

Some groups follow a booklet that they buy for the course – such as: ‘What does the Bible say about Billy Elliot’ or ‘Women & Faith’ and take it in turns to lead the sessions, though there is no pressure to do this. Other items have included. ‘Living with faith and doubt’ (which most of us have encountered to various degrees at some point). ‘Love – the key to it all. What good is life without it?’ ‘Spreading the good news – it’s sometimes difficult to pin our colours to the mast!’

Sometimes they choose a part of the Bible and look at that. One group is studying Ephesians at present. Often study courses cover various aspects of our faith and some of the challenges and issues we all face as Christians. Most have not stuck to any rigid form of study regime; the preference has always been for open discussion with anyone and everyone feeling free to chip in and contribute.

Refreshments are an integral part of all three groups at every meeting! ☕

House groups are where you can be yourself, say anything, ask anything and where you are supported in prayer whatever is going on in your life. We pray for our church and community, our work and ministries. We eat together, enjoy fellowship and music and study books in the Bible – sharing our different points of view and experiences. Some have watched quite a few inspiring ‘Nouma’ DVDs which explore all sorts of life issues and problems and how we can apply Biblical principles.

Please come along to one of them if you would like to dip your toe in.

The groups are organised by

Stuart Fraser

Jim Chattell

Beverley Hollands

Sarah McDonald

Prayer Group

If you have a prayer request(s), want to speak with someone that could help you in a difficult time, or just want to share a blessing or a testimony, please click the link below.

Please note – We do not pass on your details to any third party!

Place the prayer poster (below) in your window to let people know you are praying for those in your neighbourhood