Children and Vulnerable Adults

The Church takes its obligations to protect Children and Vulnerable Adults very seriously and is  fully committed to implement and comply with all the policies and procedures required  by the Diocese.

To this end, we have appointed a Safeguarding Officer, Mrs Beverley Hollands  who should be contacted in the first instance by anyone who has concerns or needs to seek further clarification or advice on this important issue.

Mrs Beverley Hollands : Safeguarding Officer

☎ 07568 453926

If unavailable, please contact:

Colin Perkins : Safeguarding Advisor to the Diocese

☎ 01273 425792,

If you are a child…

and you need to talk about things that are happening to you that you don’t like, please click on the link below that takes you to the Childline website

Tel: 0800 1111

If you are an adult…

and you need to access support about something that is happening to you, please click on the link below to find out how you can do that. Scroll down to find links to various support organisations for you to contact.

If you need to report something

If you need to report a safeguarding concern to the statutory authorities in Sussex, please click on the link below

Click on the option that most describes the situation you are concerned about, and follow the advice and further links you find there.

Please remember to contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team as well once you have contacted the statutory authorities      

Please see the following documents we have on the subject:?

? Policy on the Safeguarding of Children and Adults in the Church

Code of Behaviour 2020

Code of Behaviour Vulnerable Adults 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy 2020

E Safety policy 2020

Parish Whistleblowing Policy 2020

Responding to Safeguarding Allegations 2020

Policy on the Recruitment of Ex Offenders 2020