We are a church that tries to say ‘yes’ to requests for a Christian Baptism, Marriage or Funeral, but there are certain qualifications that apply, and we are happy to help you decide if this is the right thing for you or your loved ones.

Baptism, Marriage and Funerals all mark crossroads or milestones in our lives and in the lives of those closest to us, our family and friends. They are important events in the life of the parish family too, marking as they do turning points on our journey in the Christian faith.

Baptisms usually take place in the Sunday service at 9:30 am.

To arrange a Baptism please contact:

Godparents should be baptised and confirmed, and it is usual to have three Godparents (two of the same sex as the child, and one of the opposite sex).

For full Baptism details please download the Baptism Policy Document below