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Church Open 7th March Pre-Booking Required

To join our Service at 0930am on Sunday please could you pre-book your space

Doing Live Church Differently – Public Worship

While it is a cause for great rejoicing that we are able to offer public worship at St Thomas’ once again, it comes with a risk to ourselves and others.  With the Churchwardens, and PCC, we have done all we can at St Thomas’ to ensure that we follow guidelines and keep one another safe, but the congregation must also take responsibility for themselves.  While the list below is lengthy, I hope it will help you to make the decision as to whether or not you feel ready to return to public worship.

  1. You should not attend public worship if you are clinically vulnerable, shielding, or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms.  The Govt advice for those aged 70 years or over remains the same:  ‘Individuals who fall within this group are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.’  Please do not feel that you ‘should’ attend church.  The Bishop makes it quite clear that no-one should put themselves or others at risk.  We will continue to offer our YouTube services during this time of transition.
  2. Wear face mask and gloves if you wish.
  3. Bring an extra layer as we are going to have doors and windows open!
  4. Miss Nicholls is happy for the car park to be used.
  5. Keep to the 2m distancing where possible; 1+m if wearing a mask.
  6. You will be asked to hand sanitise on entering the church.
  7. You will be asked your name and address for tracking and tracing purposes.
  8. A Contactless Collection will be available before and after the service, together with a plate for any cash or Gift Aid envelopes.
  9. You will be shown to your seat by a sidesperson.
  10. The service is on the screen.  No Orders of service permitted.
  11. No Singing!
  12. Sidespeople will invite individuals to receive communion, to prevent the need for queuing.
  13. No-one ‘has to’ receive Holy Communion.
  14. This will be administered to you standing up, and you will receive the wafer only.
  15. You may like to bring your own hand sanitiser to use before receiving communion.
  16. I will hand sanitise and wear a face mask when offering the wafer, as it is not possible to maintain 2m. 
  17. Children will receive the sign of the cross as blessing, with no hand contact.
  18. There is no children’s corner.
  19. The toilet is available; we would ask you wipe down surfaces with the disinfectant provided following use.
  20. The kitchen is remains closed.
  21. For exiting – both main door and Choir vestry door will be used.
  22. We are encouraged to leave promptly without our usual socialising.  Sorry!