Monthly Archives: October 2020

Monthly Letter Revd Sharon Francis

Dear Friends,

 This is the season of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’, to quote from John Keats’ poem.  On Sunday, 4 October we will have our Harvest Thanksgiving Service.  This year, due to the risks of Covid-19, the Church and School will not be sending out the usual parcels of harvest gifts to people in the village.   We are so sorry about this because I know how much some of you enjoy see the children at your door, and Year 6 love it too!

 This year we will divide all harvest gifts between Family Support Work, which helps struggling families across Sussex and in our own locality, and St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church foodbank in Tunbridge Wells.  We will take any non-perishable foods, but the charities ask particularly asking for ·Tinned soups, tuna,  (corned beef, hams, meat balls, stew and minced beef) ·Tinned vegetables, spaghetti, macaroni cheese, ravioli ·Tinned fruit, rice pudding and custard ·Rice, Coffee, Sugar, squashes, jams, Nutella, breakfast cereals, biscuits ·Longlife milk

There is a fuller list coming out from school, and available on the church website.  As Rev Douglas Wren writes in his letter this month, we have deprivation on our doorstep, so let’s do what we can to help our neighbours put food on the table for their families.

 Further afield, our financial Harvest Offering this year will go the Bombay Teen Challenge which lifts vulnerable children off the streets of Mumbai, offering them a safe home environment, education, and a new start in life.  If you wish to make a donation, please pop it through the Vicarage door and I’ll ensure it’s included with our church collection.

Another harvest — any manual trade, DIY or needlecraft tools can be given a new lease of life by a charity called Tools with a Mission, helping people abroad earn their own income.  For further information, please contact Sheila Jones (864117).

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above,

Then thank the Lord, or thank the Lord, for all his love.

Wishing you a Harvest of Blessings,