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Live Stream Service 26th July

Join us at 9am onwards for our 9.25 Live Stream of our service CLICK HERE

Tomorrow is the seventh Sunday after Trinity, and represents our first attempt at live streaming – which means that those of you at home will be able to watch the 9.30 service as it happens.

If you are able to come to the service in person, please book in as usual by replying to this email. The reply address ( is for Sarah Cooper, our administrator.

Everyone attending church will be asked to wear a face-mask throughout the service, with the exception of coming up to receive communion.

Anyone leading worship will remove the face covering when they need to speak, and will have particular regard to the 2m ruling.  I shall wear a face mask when administering communion as that cannot be done without breaching the 2m rule. 

There will be a Zoom meeting at 11.00. This is primarily for those unable to join us at 9.30, but of course everybody will be welcome.
We have decided to try our hand at live-streaming this week, rather than pre-recording the service.  This is the next step forward in ‘doing church differently’ and is rather experimental.  In theory, it reduces our workload since we don’t have to record another service, but there has been a learning curve as you would expect, and some aspects will be a bit hit and miss. The additional outlay on new equipment amounts to £12.99 so far, and perhaps we get what we pay for.

I know that those of you who listen at home, and those of you who see John bobbing up and down in the 9.30 am service, will bear with us patiently while we try to get to grips with the new technology and assess may need for other equipment. We are learning as we go. 

We have an organist for the service, but there will be no singing, so you might find that the pace is generally slower than that of our recent online services.

How do we find the live stream?
I’m glad you asked that, since we are still working this out; it will probably seem easier after the first attempt! First of all, we’ve set up a live stream on YouTube to start at 9.00 tomorrow morning. As usual, Click Here . Don’t expect to see or hear anything of interest until about 9.25, but it gives us time to get everything up and running.

Once you’ve found it, you should have the option of watching from the beginning, or fast forwarding to watch ‘live’.  Unless you want to look at our test card for any length of time, I recommend the ‘live’ option.

If 9.30 is too early for you, it should be possible to pick up the service later, and we might even be in a position to edit out the boring bits.
Option 2: Go to our channel
If, for any reason, the link above ceases to work, it should not be difficult to find the live stream just by going to our channel. The button below selects ‘live streaming’ – and that should be ok even if the URL for the stream changes.

Our Zoom coffee and chat is at 11.00, to give us time to clear up after the church service. Numbers are fewer now that the church is open, but everybody is welcome.

If you prefer to log in from your own Zoom account, the meeting ID is 435 011 359 and the password is 864864.