Meeting Together ZOOM Sunday 29th 10am

Many churches are meeting together online using  ‘Zoom’. We can connect up to 100 people at a time – but if that limit becomes a problem we can expand it. 

Our first Zoom meeting, at 10.00 on Sunday morning, will be primarily a social meeting; I shall conclude it towards 10.15 with a prayer and a blessing.

Equipment required – You need speakers, headphones or earbuds built into or attached to your device. A PC with a separate webcam is ideal. Laptops generally have a microphone and camera, and so will iPads and most Android tablets. If you plan to use an iPad or Mac, Apple insist that you download the free Zoom app from their own store, and it will save time to do this first.

Joining Instructions To join the meeting, just click on the link below below. You will be ‘muted’ when you join, and I can unmute people so that you can contribute, one at a time.

CLick Link here: