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Meeting Together ZOOM Sunday 29th 10am

Many churches are meeting together online using  ‘Zoom’. We can connect up to 100 people at a time – but if that limit becomes a problem we can expand it. 

Our first Zoom meeting, at 10.00 on Sunday morning, will be primarily a social meeting; I shall conclude it towards 10.15 with a prayer and a blessing.

Equipment required – You need speakers, headphones or earbuds built into or attached to your device. A PC with a separate webcam is ideal. Laptops generally have a microphone and camera, and so will iPads and most Android tablets. If you plan to use an iPad or Mac, Apple insist that you download the free Zoom app from their own store, and it will save time to do this first.

Joining Instructions To join the meeting, just click on the link below below. You will be ‘muted’ when you join, and I can unmute people so that you can contribute, one at a time.

CLick Link here:

Church is Closed

Church is closed   A letter to clergy yesterday, from the Archbishops, says ‘Our church buildings must now be closed not only for public worship, but for private prayer as well and this includes the priest or lay person offering prayer in church on their own.’  I have now locked the church building.

The Church is the whole people of God, not the building – as much as we love that sacred space. 

Bishop Martin’s message to Parish Clergy

Dear all, this was part of Bishop Martin’s message to parish clergy, but it applies to every Christian.  It is a timely reminder that we are all called to be servants one to another. – Sharon

In my own prayer reflection on this global crisis, I have been reminded of the important role that older people play in the Bible’s account of God’s plan for our salvation.   

Abraham and Sara, Eli, Naomi, Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna are all examples of the decisive intervention or response of an older person, out of which comes hope and blessing.  In most cases, they are also closely connected with hospitality and the worship of the temple. 

This epidemic requires us to pay special attention to anyone who is vulnerable, and especially to the older people in our society.  Learning the art of paying that attention is likely to be a very good thing for us.   

We need to listen before we judge, to learn before we patronise, and to be patient in understanding the needs of people whose fragile dignity we should be protecting. 

These are skills that should also characterise our attention to holy scripture and to the texts of divine worship.  It is through the practice of attention to scripture and worship that we can become what we are now most urgently called to be; agents of prayer and hope, walking signs and sacraments of God’s love.   

Church Open

St Thomas’ Church will remain open between 0830am til 4pm for quite prayer and reflection.

Please wash your hands when entering the church and continue social distancing of others

Every Blessing


As you will know, our normal church services are suspended until further notice.  However, the church is still here for you; I am still here for you.  We just have to do things differently in these strange times.

While many of you will have some lovely family times as you find ways of spending time together in fairly restricted circumstances, there may be moments when it all gets a bit much for you.  Please remember that I am just at the end of the phone if you want to chat, or email me.

We will be putting some children’s resources on the church website which you will be able to access, and we hope to stream a Sunday act of worship each week.  We will be holding everyone very much in our prayers.

Every blessing,


Rev Sharon Francis

01892 864265

Please Pray for our TBC Group

Please pray this week for our TBC group, shown here preparing to receive their First Communion next Sunday morning, 15 March at 9.30.
Pray also for our 25 young people and 4 adults who will be confirmed by the Bishop of Chichester next Sunday afternoon at 4 pm.

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