Care of St Thomas’ Churchyard (beyond the Tanyard)

At this time of year when some will be visiting the Churchyard to place a  Poppy cross or wreath for remembrance, I thought it may be helpful to share the Diocesan Chancellor’s regulations which govern how we tend and care for our Churchyards.

  It is unlawful for a monument, surround or human earthly remains to be introduced into this churchyard without the Vicar’s permission.  Funeral directors will usually advise on this.

 For the tending of graves: ·bulbs and small annual plants may be placed in the soil of any grave; ·plants or cut flowers may be placed in removable sunken containers

in the soil of any grave; ·wreaths, cut flowers and plants and flowers may be removed, when withered, by those authorised to do so by the Vicar; ·we regret that it is necessary to bring your own water; ·please take your rubbish home with you or place in the dustbin provided; do not throw it over the fencing or down by the stream.

 We regret that the following are not permitted: ·kerbs, railings, fencing or chippings ·memorials in the shape of vases, hearts, open books, or even crosses ·memorials incorporating photographs or portraits ·mementoes, windmills, toys or little animals (although we recognise that such additions may be helpful to grieving families in the short term, but the PCC reserves the right to remove should they become unsightly, or untended). ·the use of ‘pet names’ on headstones ·artificial flowers, except for Remembrance Sunday poppies and wreaths.

Burial of Ashes  The system of a smaller plot with a smaller headstone is, sadly, no longer compliant with Chancellor’s Regulations and we will be moving towards a Garden of Remembrance area.  Nothing happens in a hurry in the church(!), but I will be giving you regular updates as we make progress on this. 

Full details of care of St Thomas’ Churchyard can be found on our website at; and full Chancellors’ regs can be found at

Thank you for your cooperation.  Revd Sharon (01892 864265)