Stewardship – A way of life

Dear Friends

While some of you have been basking on beaches and relaxing by pools with a cocktail, some of us have stayed put, enjoying the gentler way of life that Groombridge enjoys in August.  For me, it’s a time to catch up with the bulging ‘Pending’ tray on my desk, and an opportunity to indulge in a little forward planning for the months ahead, including budgets.  Apart from praying, almost everything we do or offer as a church costs money. 

Contrary to a popular misconception, this money does not grow on a tree in middle of the Garden of Paradise; neither does it come from Chichester Diocese.  Everything we do – the maintenance, the outreach and the ministry of this Church – is funded by the people who attend our church.  Costs rise year on year and we need to ensure that our income covers our expenditure so that we can continue our work in this parish.

Nothing stays the same, and nor should it.  The running of a church is now rather different from how it was a generation ago, and churches must expect to pay for some key aspects of their work – choir leader, parish administrator, youth worker, outsourcing production of parish magazine – as we now do.  Serving is at the heart of community and church life, and we are fortunate in Groombridge still to have so many willing volunteers across all our village organisations. 

In September we will be launching our Stewardship campaign which promotes four areas of church growth, one of which is to grow our regular giving.  Many people who live in Groombridge value the part the Church plays in the life of this community. Ways in which you may contribute financially to the church are given overleaf.

Stewardship, as our logo suggests, should be a journey in discipleship and commitment:  We attend, we grow, we serve, and we give.  I hope some of you will want to make it your way of life too.  During September we hope to stage a display in church showing where we are now financially, and where we hope our Stewardship campaign will take us.

God bless you in your new beginnings this term, 


Stewardship – A Way of Life

Giving to St Thomas’ Church

There are three ways you can contribute to the church financially:

  • Join the Parish Giving Scheme to give regularly
  • Gift Aid regular or occasional donations if you are a UK tax payer
  • Cash given regularly in Sunday collections

Contactless payments are being considered by many churches and cathedrals now, as our younger people no longer carry cash with them.  We are considering it as an option, but we are not there yet!

Or, speak in confidence to Colin Moore, our Church Treasurer (details at the inner cover of the magazine).