Burrswood closes its doors

Dear Friends

The village is reeling from the news of the very sudden closure of Burrswood, a place of calm and tranquillity, of prayer and of healing.

Doroth Kerin

Burrswood came in to being in 1948 when Dorothy Kerin, aged 22, who had been bed-ridden for five years, was suddenly healed of all her infirmities.  She believed this was through the power of prayer, and that she had been healed by God, where others had failed.  She lived in Court Lodge, turning her garage into a chapel of healing.  The chapel was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest chapel with a stained  glass window.  Eventually her ministry grew to become the Burrswood Centre for Christian healing we know, which cared for the whole person – offering healing in body, mind and spirit

We know that Burrswood had been struggling for some years to keep things going, but it was an enormous shock to everyone when the administrators turned up unannounced at 10.30 am on 30 April and closed it all down.  Many of you have stories to tell of times past at Burrswood:

“My friend and I had asked two of the step-daughters of Dorothy Kerin to come with us to the cinema in Tunbridge Wells.  We agreed to meet at Groombridge station but, when the girls arrived, they flourished their first-class tickets and left us to accompany them – albeit in a third-class coach.”

Trevor Wells

No match made in heaven on that occasion!

Some of us may simply be mourning the loss of the beautiful grounds to walk in.  But for those who worked there, lived there, volunteered there, sought respite care, and have loved ones’ ashes interred there, the fall-out of losing Burrswood is devastating. 

The see-through Cross at Burrswood is positioned to catch the beautiful sunsets we enjoy in Groombridge.  It is a symbol of resurrection and new life in Christ.  We pray that God’s healing hand will be on all who are upset and distressed at the closure of Burrswood, and that God will open doors for them to a new life, and a new hope.

Every blessing,